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NJCD 7210: Dan Bruce: "A Single Thread"

Daniel Bruce - electric and nylon string guitars, lap steel
Brian Donohoe - tenor saxophone
Ken Edwards - trumpet, flugelhorn
Matt Lawless - piano, Fender Rhodes
Scott Trayer - acoustic bass
Ross Pederson - drums

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NJCD 7206: Paul Tynan: "Radio Infrequency"

Paul Tynan - Trumpet/Flugelhorn
Dave Restivo - Piano
Noel Johnston - Guitar

MP3 Sample: "Song For Mality"

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NJCD 7209 Chamber Jazz Ensemble: Wil Swindler & Steve Smith

Wil Swindler - Alto & Soprano Saxophone, Flute
Elias Haslinger - Tenor Saxophone
Paul White - Tenor Saxophone
John Mills - Baritone Saxophone
Joey Colarusso - Baritone Saxophone
John Vander Gheynst - Lead Trumpet & Fluegelhorn
Pat Murray - Trumpet & Fluegelhorn
Stephen Smith - Trombone
Mike Misner - French Horn
Andy Langham - Piano
Eddy Hobizal - Piano & Fender Rhodes
Utah Hamrick - Bass
Kyle Thompson - Drums

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NJCD 7208 Gene Smith Quintet: "No Attachments"

David Braid - Piano
Terry Clarke - Drums
Kirk MacDonald - Saxophone
Gene Smith - Trombone
Neil Swainson - Bass


NJCD 7205 Aaron Lington: "Cape Breton"

Aaron Lington - Baritone Saxophone
Paul Tynan - Trumpet/Flugelhorn
Dahveed Behroozi - Piano
John Shifflett - Bass
Tim Solook - Drums

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NJCD 7204: Kevin Brunkhorst & Paul Tynan: "Digital/Spiritual"

Kevin Brunkhorst - Guitar
Paul Tynan - Trumpet

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NJCD 7207: Stockton Helbing - "Lodestar"

Stockton Helbing - Drums
Brian Mulholland - Bass
Tom Luer - Tenor Saxophone
Ken Edwards - Trumpet
Noel Johnston - Guitar

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NJCD 7203: Paul Tynan - "Freedom & Jealousy"

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Paul Tynan - Trumpet
Tyler Summers - Alto & Soprano Saxophone
Matt Wigton - Bass
Stockton Helbing - Drums

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NJCD 7202: Noel Johnston/Paul Tynan Quintet - "NJPT"

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Noel Johnston - Guitar
Paul Tynan - Trumpet
Marcus Wolfe - Tenor Saxophone
Michael Barton - Bass
Joel Fountain - Drums


NJCD 7201: Noel Johnston - "Possible Worlds"

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Noel Johnston - Guitar
Bill Risby - Keyboards
Adam Armstrong - Bass
Gordon Rytmeister - Drums


About Nohjoh Music:

Nohjoh Music was started as a Publishing Company/Record Label in 1996 in Sydney Australia by Noel Johnston with the release of "Possible Worlds" it was then used to aid the release of Noel's next release and Paul Tynan's next two releases "NJPT" and "Freedom and Jealousy." After ten years, Nohjoh Records is expanding it's catalog to help the cause of creative improvised music on an international scale. Artists who have recorded for Nohjoh Music include: Noel Johnston, Paul Tynan, Marcus Wolfe, Joel Fountain, Michael Barton, Bill Risby, Adam Armstrong, Gordon Rytmeister, Tyler Summers, Matt Wigton, Stockton Helbing, Adam Thomas, Clay Pritchard, Kyle Aho, Lynn Seaton, Jon Deitemyer, Kevin Brunkhorst & Dave Restivo.